Our services

We offer comprehensive services specialized in the real estate sector. From simple real estate intermediation, we offer a wide range of services ranging from consulting to renovations, concierge, tax and legal services related to property, etc… maintaining the spirit of service and personalized treatment towards our customers sellers, buyers and owners and always with the aim of ensuring optimal satisfaction.

Seller services:

  • We help you assess your decision to sell.
  • We perform an appraisal with a comparative market analysis, to put an appropriate price.
  • Photo report.
  • Marketing plan, including advertising on Google Adwords, on social networks and on our network of trusted professional contacts.
  • Selection of stakeholders and planning of visits.
  • Management of offers and negotiation advising honestly.
  • Formalization of the sale and drafting of the arras contract protecting your interests.
  • Between the arras and the notary, we manage all incidents to reach the day of writing with all the documentation ready and the correct calculation of your taxes (Prorrate of your municipal taxes, Plus –valía, profit in the income of the following year).
  • After the sale, we are at your disposal for all the management of your transfer. Under the agreed conditions.

Buyer services:

  • We are committed to searching according to your criteria for all the corresponding properties in a broad shared portfolio with other real estate companies and other trusted professionals.
  • We plan and accompany you to the visits.
  • We help you get the right mortgage and accompany you in the process with a financing expert.
  • We inform you about the entire purchase process, deadlines, expenses, taxes.
  • We inform you about market valuations with actual sales prices.
  • We establish a trading strategy in defense of your interests.
  • We draft contracts for offers and counteroffers, penitential buying and selling roots, providing our legal advice in real estate processes.
  • We investigate the legal and urban situation of the property.
  • We collect all the documentation of the property: charges, municipal taxes, contracted services, Community…
  • We represent and accompany you throughout the procurement process.
  • After purchase, we discharge municipal supplies and taxes.
  • We maintain permanent contact until your move.
  • We make it easy for you to contact trusted suppliers for renovations or improvements.

Owner services:

  • We provide you with any management you may need before, during or after making the purchase or sale of your home.
  • We advise you on matters related to inheritances, wills and any other notary documents.
  • We carry out all kinds of official procedures with town halls and public bodies.
  • We advise you on tax matters for both residents and non-residents.

  • We estimate prices based on the characteristics of your home and location.
  • We promote your property.
  • We manage bookings and calendars.
  • We offer special attention to each tenant during their stay thanks to our 24H telephone availability.
  • We fully manage your rentals with express management services, welcome and key delivery, professional cleaning and laundry, management of possible incidents and damages, post-departure review of tenants.

  • Regular visit and review of your home.
  • We manage your supply services.
  • We serve your guests.
  • Cleaning and laundry service.
  • Key duplicates.
  • Or any other management related to the maintenance of your home.

  • We provide you with the custom housing maintenance service, the one you need.
  • We collaborate with qualified professionals.
  • We broker between owners and operators so that their projects meet all their expectations.
  • We monitor and coordinate while maintaining constant communication about the progress of its reform.

We are committed to a lasting business relationship with our customers.