Can you buy a property in Spain, safely?

Chantal Giron
October 08, 2020

The answer to this fundamental question must be yes.
Spain has one of the best preventive legal security systems in real estate transactions.
But we will learn more about the Spanish system so that the reader can judge for himself.
The fundamental security tool on real estate transactions in Spain is the Land Registry.
The Land Registry publishes the ownership of property in Spain as well as liens and encumbrances or mortgages.
The warranty registration of the property is due to the following reasons:
– The Registry positive efficacy can be summed up in the phrase: “the rights or property that are registered are presumed to exist and belong to their owner.”
This answers the fundamental fear of one who buys a property: How can I be sure that those who sell has what I buy?
Under Spanish law, anyone who buys a property to a person registered as owner in the land registry, can in no circumstances be attacked by a third party.
– The efficiency of the property registration Refusal is summarized as follows: “That which is not registered, and therefore does not exist in registry data, cannot harm those who rely on them.”
So, transfer, charge, mortgage or unregistered entry can in no case assume further harm to that acquires confident property on the register contents.
– On the Land Registry, the Registry Registrar only can register written public acts, authorized by a notary. This is an important guarantee because the Notary and Registry Registrar are professional and impartial public officers. They are subject to a rigorous selection competition of the state, which guarantees the best knowledge of the laws.
Among its services, NORNS provides clients an audit of the location of the property in the land registry, and the identity of the holder, the need for consent of the spouse and the existence of charges and mortgages. Similarly, we proceed to manage the prior cancellation of existing liens under established legal procedures.


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