How can I investigate the legal status of the property?

October 08, 2020

As we have seen when referring to real estate legal security system in Spain  the basic institution at this point is the Land Registry. Each of the properties listed in the Land Registry has a different number. Through this number you may be requested information to the registry through “simple note” or “certified”.

– First, the Land Registry will inform us about the person or entity that owns the property.

Here we should verify that this person is the same that intends to sell the property.

We must also make sure, if is a married person, which is their matrimonial property regime based on their nationality, to check if that person can sell alone or need the consent of the spouse.

If it is a Spanish or foreign entity, we must ensure who is the person who can act on behalf of society and the current term of his appointment.

– Secondly, the Land Registry will inform on possible charges or encumbrances of the estate.

These charges can be mortgages, restrictive covenants and easements, conditions, embargoes, preventive annotations and so on.

Norns will handle on obtaining and interpreting information for their clients from the Land Registry and, where appropriate, managing the prior cancellation of the charges over the property.


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