Cove of Cap Blanc, peace, natural beauty, fishing and diving

Juani Bernal
November 09, 2020

The cove of Cap Blanc is one of these creeks where we can enjoy sun-bathing and at the same time water sports like fishing and diving.

This cove is lovely with rocks, some 200 meters long, which is the widest in the area. Although having more space, it is visited less frequently becoming an ideal resting place, for sun-bathing and fishing.

The cove of Cap Blanc has been declared as Community Interest Place (LIC) and it is a privileged place to see marine birds like shag, gannet and other species of seagulls.

Its crystalline waters make for excellent diving as much its special varied underwater flora and fauna in that area.

Whether you want to enjoy a pleasant sunny day, good fishing or diving, the cove of Cap Blanc offers you one of the most enchanting part of Moraira.


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